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Vitality Fitness is a conjunction of highly trained health professionals to assist you in living a pain free life through passive and active rehabilitation. All programs that are created are based to achieve any goals within the right time frame with evidence based exercise prescription and utilising select health professionals.
+ At Plus Fitness 24/7 Lindfield and Gordon Clinic for Personal Training and Physical Rehabilitation +

Vitality Fitness Australia also offers "Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation" targeted for any age group mainly targeted for exercise rehabilitation for the general population, elderly and NDIS participants. 

VITALITY client benefits:

  • An optimized program to suit your needs based on your goals and time-frame

  • Physical Rehabilitation to return to work, sport or daily living activities.

  • Fitness Assessments such as body fat percentage, girth measurements & V02 Testing
    - Screen and assess health, movement, exercise and performance capacity


  • Dietary recommendations and basic health guidelines based on your goal
    - Nutrionist on-site 


  • Fitness & rehabilitation education 

  • Improving mental health with a healthy lifestyle

meet the team!

Highly qualified professionals to help you be the best version of yourself and live a life free of pain

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VITALITY's expertise

  • General Programming ( Weight loss/gain/toning) 

  • General Pre-Habilitation &  Rehabilitation for all ages

  • Sport Specific Rehabilitation Programs for all ages

  • Sport-Specific Programs for all ages

  • Strength and Conditioning Programs for all ages

  • Myofascial Release Technique Proficiency

  • Assisted Stretching Proficiency

  • High Intensity Interval Programs

  • Individualised Gym Programs & Home Workouts

  • All Day Living & Fitness Education

  • Dietary Recommendations

  • Various Sport Specific Training Programs including martial arts (Please enquire for more information)


training services

We provide professional, Research based fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and a lot more. Check out what Vitality Fitness has to offer and choose one suitable to your ambitions and lifestyle.


General training consists of achieving common goals such as losing weight, gaining muscle or simply to increase your fitness and more



Unique programs based off the desired sport you would like to develop.
There is no limit in what sport you participate in just the capabilities of the mindset you put towards your training!


Physical Rehabilitation programs are created with close care and thought with previous exercise, medical and injury history to develop the most appropriate rehabilitation program for you to utilise on your own

Physical Therapy
Senior Physiotherapy

Exercise physiology

Held up in Gordon Clinic, where individuals are thoroughly assessed for any pain, injuries or discomfort.

Utilising the equipment inside the clinic will be the best use of any pre-habilitation or post-rehabilitation exercise prescriptions as an Allied Health Assistant working closely with your health professionals.


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Image by Quino Al

I was with Jun for approximately 6 weeks before my first competition, i won my first gold medal. Had another competition 6 weeks after the first one and had won 2 gold medals out of 3 events again. I can happily say that Jun is the best sport specific trainer i have had and will be recommending him to my friends and family.

Phillip Howorth

Althetic Woman Stretching On A Gym Mat

I wanted to get fit for summer! and lose approximately 7-8kg within 2 months. We had to start slowing down on our program because we had achieved our goal in less then 2 months!
I was very happy with the end result and still get advice from Jun when i need to.

Kate Lain

Smiling Elderly Woman

I commenced a rehabilitation program with Jun once i was diagnosed with arthritis. He had created me a program where i could manage my pain and commence activities which i need to do everyday. 
I can definitely say that i feel a lot better now then i was before i had seen Jun.

Stephanie Low


Training with Jay has been anything but amazing. Have achieved many of my goals and also am able to play tennis pain free since i can remember.

Emma Rodes

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